At Matson Manufacturing we offer both traditional and Computer-numeric controlled (CNC) machining services. The process of machining removes raw material utilizing a variety of cutting tools. When using CNC, advanced software guides the cutting tools to shape the raw material to the design specified from a CAD image. 



Employing a cutting tool that moves along the X, Y, and Z axis', we're able to take a rough material and cut it to a desired shape. Through these means we can create complex figures with smooth finishes.


Batch Production

If you have a part that you need in large quantities, we're the manufacturers to call. We have the experience and machines to set a design and produce high quality parts in large numbers.



Our shop is fully equipped with the machines required to shape, cut and assemble a variety of metals into whatever structure you need. From small to large components, whatever the design is we can produce high quality components with efficiency and speed.


Prototype Design

Utilizing 3D modeling tools, we can create a virtual or physical model of a prototype in a range of shapes. Using these prototypes, you  can assess the practicality and requirements of a final product or use them as models for more developed molds.



Using computer-aided design (CAD) software, we're able to generate high quality images that can be used to review and prototype a product. These images can be used as a marketing tool and offer a more cost effective means of editing a product before the production phase.